Skill Contest with Money - eddbee’s way to brain smart!

Most people dream about making money doing something they really love. If they can make a little some from their computer at home and have a fun learning process while doing it, that’s even better.

Brain Smart with eddbee

We at eddbee know that knowledge is power. With knowledge, you can change your life in many ways one is by the stock market and aim to become financially independent.  A learning process by skill games/contest is a good way to get brain smart about how the stock market works with stocks, bonds, forex, in short, all the financial things that affect the lives of people on this planet. It’s a fantastic way for families to interact with their children with contests in learning and have a fun mixed with excitement.

Learning you by doing

The days of reading theory in textbooks is over. More than 500 million people play computer games daily, and now can you play and compete in a learning way on our platform. We are also letting you create portfolios to market and sell on our portfolio market, a  step on your way for economical independence.

What if what you’re good at is playing skill games?

Turns out, if you happen to be good at playing skill games online, then there could be some money in it. That’s right, with eddbee’s safe-to-play skills stock contest format, earning extra has never been easier. Well, that is if you happen to be good at mathematic and have analytics mind, that takes a skilled brain. We will get you there with our contests. If you really are that good, join eddbee and put your skills on display, and compete against others for real money in our online skill stock contest for money on the internet.

Do you have a knack for spotting patterns, learning combos, or just a natural ability to be extremely good at mathematics? eddbee lets you test your skills by the place you against other players in real competition for real money. Is your skills up to date?

Skill Contest for Money

Every country and the state has its own laws about gambling and you should definitely check them out, there aren’t any laws against betting money on games of skill online in your area. It’s the competition and skill aspects that make the difference.

Who can play skill games for money?

Generally speaking, if you have an internet connection, a computer that will run the games, and a way to pay for the games, you’re good to go. However, if you’re playing for real money in the United States and similar countries and laws, you have to be at least 18 years old. Players with fewer years can sometimes play for non-cash prizes.

As always, you should check your region, state laws to make sure there aren’t other age restrictions and to make sure that playing skill games online for money is legal in your state. If the skill gaming site you choose is legitimate, such as eddbee, you won’t be allowed to play if you live in an area where online skill gaming for money is illegal.

Skill Games: Things To Know

The skill gaming industry has been booming recently. According to estimations, it may have passed the $1 billion mark over the last couple of years. Online skill gaming has been particularly popular as it gives players the chance to stay at home while playing their favorite games and earning prizes. 

Even though thousands of players have been attracted to skill gaming, some legality issues still surround it. If you are confused about the issue, here are the basic things you should know about skill games' legality.

According to USLegal, the definition of skill gaming is that it is a game that has skill judgment, or deftness of a competitor as the primary factor in determining the outcome of a session. At the same time, the website mentions that the pure chance factor is either minimized or non-existent. You are proving your capabilities when playing a skill game. The players have the task of analyzing and understanding things and making decisions that will affect the outcome. The important thing to emphasize is that skill games are not considered gambling, which means they don’t fall into the existing gaming laws that prohibit gambling.

The reason, why we cannot consider skill gaming to be gambling, is the absence of the chance factor. That means the random factor, or luck, cannot play the deciding role in determining the winner of a game. It may happen that a player has a bit of luck while playing, but ultimately, skills will determine the outcome.

The reason, why there is confusion about this issue, is that you can compete and win prizes by playing skill games. These prizes can, in some cases, be real money. eddbee offers you the chance to play skill games of various genres against real-life opponents. If you prove to be better than your rival in a session, you win a suitable money reward. But the important thing is that you use skill to win money, and not luck, which means you are not gambling, but using your capabilities to profit.

The majority of law experts agree that skill gaming cannot fall into the current gaming laws of most states that regulate games of chance. That is why some states decided to dedicate a special chapter in the law to skill gaming and its players and providers. However, some states are still ignoring the issue of the necessity to put skill gaming in the legalized form.

This map for the US show where you can play skill games without worrying about legal consequences, as well as states where the legal frame is missing. That doesn’t mean that skill games are outlawed, but it indicates that the regulations regarding the issue are lacking or confusing.

The popularity of skill gaming is undoubtedly making it a popular topic in public, and that causes the legislators to include it in the debate, too. That can be a positive thing for skill gaming fans – it is only by discussing this issue that the public can get to know the true nature of this industry. By attracting extra attention, it will be easier to explain to the public that skill gaming is a chance to have fun while utilizing your capabilities to profit.

4 Vital Life Skill to Learn by Playing Games

Adults who have played video games in their childhood had improved coordination and reflexes compared to their friends who didn’t play games when they were kids. That has been a known fact, but it is not only those skills that gaming can improve. Those who dedicate some time and effort to skill gaming can also expect to develop abilities that will help them when they encounter real-life problems. Here is an overview of what particular talents can video games enhance.


Skill games are addictive, and they have a huge replay value. But ultimately, they come down to several moves being repeated for hours or days. Those who repeat the same action for a long time will undoubtedly get better at performing it, but they will also improve their perseverance. Skill gaming players will undoubtedly develop this ability, which will teach them about the principles of repetition and routine. Those can immensely help in real life. They will make it easier for gamers who have an office job or perform repetitive assignments to understand that they are performing those tasks for a reward.
It is the way things are – everyone has to work and utilize their time, effort, and skills to get rewarded. Perseverance is what can help to stay strong through both pleasant and enjoyable activities.

Forward Thinking

Those who love skill gaming will benefit from improving both quick and forward-thinking. Let’s take Tetris, for example. Players have only a limited time to choose where to place the tile as it keeps moving toward the ground. The game makes things easier by showing what the next piece will be on the side of the board. That allows gamers to plan and think about their next move in advance. It is this combo that can be helpful when you are under pressure of finishing something in a short timeframe. Imagine receiving multiple tasks and getting a deadline by the end of the day to complete them. One will need to know what will be the first task to complete and how to prioritize the others. Furthermore, that decision needs to be made now since there is no time to waste. It is like when playing a game – players have to decide right away and think about their next moves at the same time.

Concentration and Focus

The majority of players are already aware that playing games can improve their focus and concentration. A positive influence of skill gaming on cognitive abilities doesn’t end there. Playing can also improve memory and identifying patterns. It depends a bit on the genre, but the chances are gamers will also benefit from improving creative thinking and logical deduction.


Although it is better to focus on a single activity, there comes a time when multitasking is inevitable. What if you need to complete a work task while at the same time keeping an eye on your child?Gaming is a perfect way of teaching how to keep a tricky situation under control. In many games, players perform multitasking by monitoring different areas, such as keeping track of where the opponents are and choosing which moves to make.First, that can improve productivity and enable gamers to deliver better results in the activities they performed during the day. Additionally, it teaches players that they can stay in control even when a tricky situation with multiple tasks arises. Finally, the skill games make it clear that the results you have solely depend on you and your abilities. That can assist in improving responsibility and dependability in real life.