For creators:


All options below is to be found at the start of creation in each Portfolio.

Transactional Revenue Sharing Model CopyPortfolios use this method for creator/seller, where they set the price as they wish, the payment is shared 38/62 %  where creator receive 62%  of the payment, to be seen in your Wallet transaction list. This is one of the most direct ways of generating revenue for all members on eddbee, platform.


Bellow shows the given options for creators of Portfolios

Visible & Follow:                       Yes                    No

Portfolio visitor type :               Free                  Paid

Pay amount for 3 months 6 month            12 month


Follow Fee: Is decided by the creator with the above options to combine.


Promote CopyPortfolios on FrontPage according to bellow possibilities:

Highlight your portfolio on FRONT PAGE:     6 months 9 e-d            12months 15 e-d


For Buyers: 


Terms of Purchase OnDemand (Digital Products)

To shop on, you must have turned 18. We reserve the right to cancel orders from persons who have given incorrect personal data and/or

have payment defaults and reserve us for any price errors that may occur on the site.


1. Confirmation

Once your order is paid, will you see your processed payment (receipt) at your Wallet transaction list.


2. Payment options

We currently accept VISA and MasterCard and others. Payment and credit card payment is managed by our payment partner to guarantee quick

and secure payment. All connections to or from our payment partner are made with an encrypted HTTP connection (HTTPS


3. Right of undo, regret a purchase

Purchase & downloading digital products is classified as a service that cannot be returned as it is a so-called direct consumption.


4. Legislative

In the event of a dispute, will act according to our Terms & Conditions